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Tilt & Slide Doors

The tilt & slide door is unique in concept and design. The construction utilises a sash which slides free of the frame on a rail system enabling a full perimeter cam locking system to be employed while. This design not only enables double sealing but also incorporates a useful tilt function providing optimum ventilation whilst maintaining a barrier to children and pets. It is these distinct features that make the tilt and slide door the ideal alternative to a standard sliding door. Finetech Windows and Doors, Tilt & Slide doors are beautifully designed to give your home an aura of elegance. You won’t believe how smoothly these doors operate and how easy they are to clean and maintain. They’ll perform reliably for decades to come.

1. Available in a range of colors including wood grain.

2. Toughened or tempered glass

3. Easy slide tracks (for tilt & slide)

4. Most secure with: 

– Multi-point locks are around the sash.
– Anti-lift tracks for added security

5. Unlike ordinary sliding door, these doors tilt inward from the top for air flow.

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