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Sliding Patio Doors

Vinyl sliding doors are a great option for opening up your home to the outdoors without losing valuable space on the inside or out. We offer a comprehensive range of sliding doors that are not only functional and reliable but also well suited to Canadian conditions and the latest in home designs. Our sliding doors are designed for a sleek, modern finish, our sliding doors are a great solution for both visual impact and practicality. With sliding doors you can expect year-round performance and genuine value for money.

  1. Maintenence free, all PVC with construction integrated nail fin and easy installation.
  2. Large glass area and minimal frames in your view.
  3. Sizes up to 16′ x 8′(W x H).
  4. Tandem wheels for easy and smooth operation.
  5. Thermally welded frame & panels.
  6. Integrated white or stain grey blinds with Low E glass, available.
  7. Recommended for renovation and new construction , residential projects: single family, condos or multi-units.
  8. Excellent quality and performance.
  9. Structural transoms and sidelites minimize air &water infiltration.




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